Yakigashi set

1 Feb

Yakigashi is a general term of baked sweets in Japanese such as cookies, ducquoise, madeleine, finanche and other kinds of butter cakes.

The other day I made yakigashi set- 4 kinds of small yakigashi!

~From left~

Vanilla madeleine: Simple madeleine rich in butter and vanilla taste.

Maccha madeleine: Using very good maccha powder, it really has taste of maccha.

Douceur au tea: Using earl grey tea leaves and small amount of salted lemon. Refreshing taste!

Gallette chocolat: Using very good quality bitter chocolate (70% cacao). Thick and crunchy.

When you bake those “yakigashi”, the quality of ingredients matters a lot because it directly affects their taste. Butter, flour, vanilla, chocolate… those can make a huge difference in taste even though the recipes are the same.

Which yakigashi would you like to try?

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