Apple Tarte

16 Feb

Tarte is my most favorite kind of cake. Whenever I go to cafes and have choice of cakes, I always feel like going with tarte especially those with caramel or chocolate. Some people may try out different types of cakes in each visit, but I find myself having the same kind over and over… haha.

This is an Apple Tarte I baked the other day. It’s a very simple tarte with creme d’amande (almond creme) and fresh apple on top. I like to caramelize the fruits inside-like apple and banana, but this time I used the fresh one. Instead I added some pieces of butter and caster sugar on top to make the tarte juicer and tastier (sugar will melt and become caramel).

These simple and basic baked cake gives me somewhat a relieved feeling whenever I bite into it. Perhaps it reminds me of my mothers’ home made cake…


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