20 Feb

With the leftover crust from the other day (of which I baked the apple tarte), I made kiche for lunch!

Tarte can be kept frozen in the mold so once you have that in your stock it is so much easier for you to bake. You just have to take it out from the freezer and make the filling only. The fillings I made this time was with onion, bacon, pumpkin, spinach, enoki mushroom and cheese. Basically you can use anything you have in the fridge.

Kiche just taken out from the oven taste so good…

By the way, there are 2 types of tarte – Pate Sucre and Pate Brisee. Pate sucre is what you normally refer to as a tarte whereas pate brisee uses more butter and less sugar. Pate brisee tastes in between pate sucre and pie (Pate Feuilletee) and is almost non-sweet that it is also suited to kiche. It was pate brisee that I made the other day for apple tarte.

I also made egg tarte with the same crust. It was awesome!


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