Strawberry Tarte for Ohinamatsuri

3 Mar

March – My favorite month of the year! Because of my birthday, my younger sister’s birthday and some events waiting for this month like “ohinamatsuri” and “ohanami” (cherry blossom), I’ve always felt that this month was special for me. And now it’s also my nephew’s birth month who was born on Mar.1st 2010!

By the way, I made strawberry tarte for my daughter’s “Ohinamatsuri” celebration.

Ohinamatsuri dated on Mar.3rd is a japanese traditional celebration for girls to wish their health and prosperous future. What about boys? Boys’ celebration is “Childrens’ day” on May 5th which is an official national holiday.

About a month before Ohinamatsuri, families with daughters put out “Ohinasama” (japanese traditional dolls) in their living rooms. There are various kinds of ohinasama, but the most simple ones would be 2 dolls of prince and princess. Then there are ones with 3 servants (which makes it to 5 dolls in total), 10 dolls set, and the largest will be 15dolls – prince, princess with 13 servants.

I have 2 ohinasama in my house. One small one which I brought to Malaysia when I got married and the big one which my mother sent for my daughter all the way from Japan this year. I was not expecting to have ohinasama this year, so it was a great surprise!

Prince, Princess and 3 women servants

It is said that you have to put ohinasama dolls back in the box within a week after celebration (Mar.3rd); otherwise your daughters will miss their marriage chance! I don’t really believe in this kind of story but just in case I’ll put them back within a week. hehe… The dolls will be kept nicely in the box until the following year.

Back to strawberry tarte, I made them thinking that it would be suitable for the date.

I wanted to decorate it more nicely but with no time it became a simple strawberry tarte – tarte, creme d’amande (almond creme), creme diplomate (castard creme + whipped creme) and strawberries on top. It was Very good!

Besides I normally buy cameron highland strawberries but this time I bought slightly more expensive Korean strawberries… It was sweeter and bigger in size.

Even though my daughter wouldn’t remember this date, as a mother I was very happy that we could celebrtate her first ohinamatsuri!


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