Maccha Rollcake

14 Mar

We’ve been hearing the news of earthquake that happened in Japan last week. It’s so bad that I don’t know what to say..

My family and friends that live in Tokyo were safe. I called them immediately after I heard the news but the phone lines, both land and cell phones, didnt reach and made me worry. After a couple of long hours, my mother finally smsed me saying that all my family members were ok.

My sister’s family lives in Ibaraki prefecture, which is quite affected by this earthquake, and my mother was visiting them on the day and seemed to have experienced an unusual shake at their 16F apartment. Gosh! They rushed down using the stairs and escaped to the elementary school yard in front of their house. We are trained to escape to the open area or hide under the table from avoiding things fall down on you when the big earthquake happened (although I myself never experienced such a huge earthquake that required us to escape outside)…

All the transportation stopped and the city became chaotic. My brother-in-law had to cycle back home taking 3hrs (which usually take him for about 1hr by train), and my younger sister had to walk back home taking 1 and a half hour. Some of my friends walked back taking 4hrs, but many of them stayed in the office that night. My father stayed in the hotel as well.

Many more earthquakes have been happening continuously and the situation is getting more and more severe. Nuclear radiation problem, lack of electricity… I just wish that it won’t get worse than it is and many people can be saved as much as possible…

By the way, I celebrated my 30th birthday in such situation. (My birthday is on Mar.14th) I was not so much in a celebration mode but made a maccha roll cake.

Standing in the kitchen and baking made me calm down and forget this tragedy for a while…

I put red bean and cream inside.

This is the good maccha color – vivid green

I like baking so much.


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