Breakfast with Petit French Baguette!

4 Apr

I wanted to enjoy Swiss cheese with some nice baguette, so decided to bake it on my own. (I sometimes bake breads, too…)

A few years ago when I was baking bread almost every weekend, I was so excited to bake that was waking up as early as going to work to have just baked bread for breakfast.

So just like those days, I woke up around 5am this morning to bake french baguette:)

When baking bread you normally use high-protein flour, but for french baguette you use medium-protein flour, which can be made by mixing all purpose flour : high protein flour = 1:1 (same amount). I also made it that way.

Since medium-protein flour has less protein and is harder to form gluten, it was so difficult to make the dough into shape! It kept sticking to my hands that I almost gave up on it. But after mixing the dough for about an hour(!?) believing that mixing will sure make gluten, it finally came into some shape. phew…

So this is the dough after 1st furmentation.

With my hard effort, we could enjoy freshly baked bread with Swiss cheese for breakfast! The cheese is a Gruyere cheese, which is from the moutainous regent of Gruyere. Next to coffee is olive oil which my husband also brought back from Italy end of last year when he shot some movie in an olive farm at Tuscany. It tasted really nice, too.

Needless to say, my baguette was excellent! It was crunchy outside and chewy inside… I’d like to make this again.


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