100th day Celebration!

9 Apr

Today I celebrated my daughter Hanae’s 100th day anniversary! (Her actual 100th day was on the 4th.)

In Japanese culture we call this date Okuizome which literally means the first meal, although the babies normally start having meals around 6th months. The tradition is to wish the baby have sufficient food for the rest of their lives, and to celebrate their growth, so that their teeth will grow soon!


I tried to prepare as proper meal as possible for this celebration. Which is;

Red snapper (Whole fish) – Grilled with salt.

Red bean sticky rice

Broiled vegetables – Yam and Lotus

Osuimono soup

Plum and vegetable (vinegar taste)


Hanae seemed to be not interested in the food, but it’s ok… At least I could celebrate this date for Hanae and that’s more than anything a mother can wish for!


See previous post of Japanese tradition Ohinamatsuri on Mar. 3rd.



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