Iced Tea from Water

12 Apr

I made iced tea from cold water. As you know, we normally make tea from hot boiling water, but this one uses cold water. It takes longer time but is easier to make, so I recommend this way if you are lazy to even boil water!

Just prepare 5~6g of tea leaves (depending on the size of the leaves, in case of fine leaves you only need 5g) and pour that into a tea pot together with 500ml of cold filtered water. Put this into the fridge over night (8~10hrs.) and the next morning you can enjoy a fresh cold tea for breakfast!

Compared to the tea using boiling water, this tea will taste milder and less bitter. So if you don’t like the bitterness of the tea, this way is good too. Earl grey tea, oolong tea and the flavored tea are suited for the cold tea. This tea I made is Rose Pekoe (BOP) which is filled with lovely rose fragrant.

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