Anniversary Cake!

17 Apr

Five years have passed since I moved to Malaysia! I moved to Malaysia on Apr.16th 2006. Still cleary remember the day – my family sent me off to Narita Airport (except my father who took off to NY the previous month), and 7 hours later I was warmly welcomed by my husband’s family in KLIA.

People normally say “Time flies” and I do too, but trying to look back what I’ve done in the last 5 years and can barely remember some of the memories, I feel that it was quite a long path for me.

By the way, this cake I’m showing you is what I baked at the end of last year (not yesterday) for my 4th wedding anniversary!

I started keeping Japanese blogs when I moved to Malaysia. It was quite a personal blog mostly for my family and friends to update my status here, and reading my posts sometimes make me surprise of how I’ve thought at that time and how I’ve changed in this period.

I guess 25-30 years old is a time of big change in life, and now that I’ve become 30 years old (and a mother too!) I feel like I’m entering a different stage of my life; with more responsibility and matureness.

I still wonder how much I know about Malaysia and its culture and how much I could adjust to it, but one thing I can say is that I really appreciate my husband for understanding me and being by my side all these years with love and care, even in the times of hardships, and also his family and friends around that supported us.

By pursuing my dream (which is to make baking into my career), I’m hoping to learn more about this country, becoming more independent and find my comfortable position in this country.


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