Cafe Study in Japan!

20 Apr

In 2009 I went back to Japan for about six months to learn more about cafe and baking.

Although baking has always been my passion and I had spent a lot of my time in it since young (I belonged to a cooking club in elementary school, joined the cooking club in high schools for 5yrs and becoming its president  in the final year), this was my first serious step towards considering it as a career path.

I wanted to study more about coffee and tea as well, so I took an intensive cafe business course in Tokyo to get official certification in the cafe industry. This course took 6 months and I learned from Ms. Tomita Sanae who runs Cafe Kitchen, a cafe business school in Tokyo and is a pioneer of cafe business courses in Japan. I also took several  baking and coffee making courses and acquired several certificates in skills related to baking. All in all, it was a great first step in achieving my goal!

This is me with Ms. Tomita Sanae during graduation. I’m holding my ‘diploma’.

The menu book I created in the course

And this is me making a latte art with world Latte Art Champion Ms. Layla Osberg!

(the person in the suit is a reporter who was covering the event)

I learnt so much in this period and have so much to share with you!

I hope to write about them in my blog, so please look forward to it:)


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