6 May

End of last month I traveled to Singapore for couple of days following my husband’s business trip. It was Hanae’s first time traveling on the plane! She was still to be 4 months old and I was a bit worried she might cry on the plane, but the plane ride was very short (40 min.) and was rather comfortable, thank god.

It was almost 1 year since I traveled overseas so I got very excited and was walking around the town, mostly to the closest shopping mall from the hotel we stayed, Raffles City Shopping Center. I had great time checking out the pastry shops and also meeting some of our friends there.

After I came back from Singapore I fell sick for a while… it always happens after I travel somewhere no matter where I go and how long the trip is. I guess I always get too excited and push my body hard during the trip;

So after a long rest, I finally baked doughnuts! for our friend’s who came to see us. I baked two kinds of flavor, chocolate and kinako. Kinako is a japanese style flavor made from grounded yellow bean. We normally put it on mochi or doughnuts.

This is one of my favorite kind of doughnuts!


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