Prune Tarte

16 Jun

The other day I found dried prunes in the fridge, so made a tarte from it!  Since prune is rich in iron and is very good for health, my friend gave it to me when I was pregnant.

At first I was going to bake a simple tarte without any topping like this, but then I thought something was missing… so I made creme frangipane (Castard creme + whipped creme) and added them on top. This turned out to be a very good idea because castard goes well with tarte and prune, not only it gives moist to the tarte.

This creme d’amande (almond creme) is a bit special and it’s an earl grey tea flavor. I’ve always wanted to try out the tea flavor tarte, and thought that prune would be a perfect match!

As I expected, this tarte was one of the best tarte I’ve had in a while! I really liked it that I ate almost the whole tarte on my own; (My husband always says tarte is difficult to eat… but not for me!)

I want to bake this tarte again.


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