25 Jun

Macarons! They are becoming quite trendy these days, so I decided to try to make some! I made Maccha and Rose macarons!

Honestly speaking, the ingredients of macaroon and the process of making it are very simple. Make meringue and combine it with almond powder. But in this simple process, you need some kind of ‘skill’ to make a perfect macaron and the failure ratio is very high.

The common failures are usually: cracks on top, holes inside, the batter doesn’t expand and becomes like a buscuit, and no pied (foot in French, the rough looking parts around the edge). So making macarons is quite tricky after all!

There are a few ways to make macarons depending on the type of meringue. I made Rose macaron with French meringue, and Maccha macaron with Italian meringue. Since the surface of macaron needs to be completely dried before putting into the oven (drying process), it has to be in a dried condition. Winter is preferrable in making macaron, so making it in humid summer is quite a challenge!

So as expected, I had to put these macaroons under the air-conditioner for about 4 hours! and still it didn’t get perfectly dried.

But fortunately macarons foamed nicely in the oven.

I had them with ganache.  They were good!

One Response to “Macaron*”

  1. Jasmine June 26, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    They look nice and delicious! May I have the recipe for the macaroons?

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