Visiting Sprinkles Cupcakes in LA!

17 Jul

I’m looking at the pictures of my 2007 trip to the U.S… wow that’s a while ago. I feel like it’s been a decade since I took the trip but anyway, on our way to visit my parents in New York we stopped by LA to see our friends.  This is Sprinkles in Beverly Hills!

A lot of people were lining up for the cupcakes.

Photos were not allowed inside the shop, but I already took a few before they told me so, haha. The cupcakes were huge and all of them were US$3. I was so excited that I bought 4 to eat-in, a dozen to take back to the hotel (all kinds of the day) and additinal two to give to my friend who lived in LA.

Me munching on cupcakes!

Back in the hotel room, I was staring at those cupcakes endlessly and was choosing which one to have next. My favorite was dark chocolate cupcakes, which is at the right bottom. Our stay in LA was a few days that we couldn’t finish them all and had to take them along in our rental car to San Diego, which was our next stop.

Oh why San Diego?

It’s because I studied in San Diego for one year and wanted to go back there! That’s how I met my husband by the way;

Me pretending to be a student again…

Anyway back to cupcake stories, I probably gained a couple of pounds eating those cupcakes… but it was just so worth it!!!

to be continued…


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