Cupcake shops in New York City!

28 Jul

Back to my cupcake trips in the U.S. (previous post of Sprinkles in LA), I visited several cupcake shops in New York City!

One of the most memorable cupcake shops I visited was Babycakes near Chinatown. This cupcake place is known for the organic cupcakes so I was quite curious how they would taste like. It tasted different from any of the cupcakes I had. It tasted more organic… less moist but tasted healthy and good. I liked it so much that I came back to their shop the following year!

This is me inside Babycakes! (2007)

Me holding cupcakes (2008)

I of course went to the famous Magnolia Bakery, but was slightly disappointed by their service and taste. They seemed to be too busy to care for each customer…  or maybe we were just unlucky.

Anyway, we had the cupcakes at the park right in front of the shop.

These cupcakes are from Billy’s Bakery. I didn’t get to go to the shop but my husband bought them for me. They were pretty good. I’d rank this top No.3 cupcakes we had in NYC!

These cupcakes are from CRUMBS.

Among many choice, we chose sneakerbar cupcakes and caramel cupcakes. Hmm… what an American taste!

Their cupcakes were moist and good, too. It’s good to share with few people because their cupcakes were very big and sweet.

Another cupcake shop – Eleni’s was located in Chelsea Market. I liked the display of their cupcakes. Next to it was Fat Witch Bakery, another of my favorite shop in NYC. They sell brownies.

Chelsea market is like a warehouse with lots of shops in side and it was quite fun to walk! It reminded me of  the Red brick warehouse in Yokohama, Japan.

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  1. carmel accessories December 5, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Lovely photos…!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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