Back to NYC!

29 Jul

The following year we went back to New York City again (previous post of NYC trip). This time we didn’t particularly focus on the cupcake shops, but went around the city and explored American pastries during our 2 weeks of stay. The first photo is from Babycakes.

The other thing I love to eat in the U.S. is Bagels! The texture is somewhat different from any other bagels outside of the U.S. It’s very bouncy and soft, and eating it with cream cheese is excellent too!

This bagel shop – Pick A Bagel – is one of my favorite bagel shops in the city. It was close from my parents place that we went there many times to grab something for breakfast. One morning we decided to take them back home.

I loved their muffins, too!!! Yummy~.

Jacques Torres, a chocolate shop in Brooklyn. I like their signboard.

Three of us shared this chocolate chip cookies ice cream sandwich, but still it was too big to finish. American sweets are just so big and sweet!

Cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

Cupcakes we found in Grand Central Station.

We stopped by some shops around Rockefeller Center.

There were so many cute kitchen items that I wanted to bring them all back home…


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