Espresso Machine!

10 Aug

Last week I bought an espresso machine! I’ve always wanted one in my house and finally the time came! My husband found this Delongi model ECO310R with reasonable price online so I decided to go for it without giving much comparisons with other models. This color and the size looked perfect for me too!

On the very day the machine came, I made espresso for breakfast!

Even though it’s a small sized machine for domestic usage, I was excited to see espresso crema, a small foam on the surface of the cup. Having crema is one of the important elements in making good espresso because this means that you could ‘tamper’ the coffee beans properly.

Another way to tell whether the coffee is properly tampered is by measuring the time the water takes to run through the machine. The water should come out in about 25 seconds. If not, the coffee will taste either thick (more than 25 seconds means coffee beans were tampered too hard) or diluted (less than 25 seconds means coffee beans were too loose). However, in case of this machine I had to manually stop the water so I could not really tell whether the ‘tamper’ process was ok or not.

We enjoyed the first cup of espresso with home made bagels!

I also made cuppucino!

I’m excited to get used to this machine and make good espresso and espresso based drinks…

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