Kaya making & Confiture!

20 Aug

Today I leanred how to make ‘mooncake’ (jelly type), ‘Talam Seri Muka’ and ‘kaya’ in my mother’s church event. I was so excited to learn some of the local specialities!

I was especially curious in making kaya because I like them and was always wondering what it is made of. The kaya taste reminds me of custard cream yet custard doesn’t last in room temperature like kaya, so it was my big question for the last couple of years.

Sure, the process was similar to custard making but it had lots of coconut milk! You have to continuously stir it on a boiling water until it gets creamy. If are able to see, the green leaf at the bottom of the photo (near the hand) is a pandan, which gives the kaya its fragrant. Unlike the kaya you buy in stores, this was made with all fresh ingredients so it tasted excellent!

Speaking of kaya (malaysian style of jam), I happened to make two kinds of confitures (jam) yesterday – Espresso confiture and Earl grey tea confiture! The base for these confitures are milk, sugar and fresh cream. I then added hand dripped espresso and early grey tea for each flavor.

The colors are almost the same but the left one is espresso jam and the right one is tea jam. I liked the earl grey tea flavor but my husband and my father seemed to like the espresso. They both tasted quite good, though.

I baked scones and had them together for breakfast!

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