Chocolate Macaron*

24 Sep

Yesterday I visited my husband’s movie set with my daughter, Hanae. I brought Chocolate Macarons for the actors, actresses and crew members and they were gone within a few seconds!

We have been seeing macarons in many shops recently (I’m surprised to see how popular it has become in Malaysia) but for some of them it was their first time to try this french petit gateau^^. For my case, I had my first macarons in Paris. The taste was so dense and thick like its vivid color and it was so good! I haven’t really gotten much chance to try macarons here, but I have to say that the ones I had were a bit disappointment – with not so much taste but more of an artificial flavor and coloring… I guess macarons attract people with its cute and colorful look, just like cupcakes!

As for my macarons, I want to focus on its taste using fresh and high quality ingredients as much as possible. Of course within a price range^^; Macarons tend to be a bit pricey and this is because they use a lot of almond powders. Some of the ingredients/fruits are very difficult to get such as framboise (raspberry), blueberry, hazelnut, pistache (pistachio) and so forth. It also requires some skills to make a perfect macaron!

I hope to sell good yet accessible macarons at my shop!

Hanae meets the child actress!


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