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Hanae goes out!

25 Sep

The other day I went to a mall with my daughter Hanae alone. Since Hanae has been acting a bit cranky in the car recently, I haven’t gone out with her alone so much. She doesn’t like the car seat and learned how to pretend being hungry so that she gets to suck some food in my arm^^;. Apparently Hanae knows that papa doesn’t have anything to give her because my husband told me that she is OK when he takes her out alone. Hmm… she is getting smart…

We went into The Loaf for lunch and I ordered Japanese Curry set, which came out like this. Very nicely displayed on a wooden board! But then there was no spoon but only steak knife and fork. Normally we use spoon to eat curry, so I was a bit confused and was thinking how to eat them for a while… After a few minutes, I figured that you dip the toast into the curry cup and so I used my hand to eat the bread with curry and used fork to eat the chicken. Knife was rather useless there.

Now as I write, I think maybe I was supposed to use knife and fork to cut the toast and dip them into the curry, just like eating pancakes or french toast??

Anyway, the curry was good and it reminded me of Japanese curry at home^^.

What is that?

Meanwhile, I prepared some food for Hanae. She started eating solid food well so we have been carrying around some biscuits or cornflake that dissolve into warm water whenever we go out. I prepared those for her but she was not interested in at all and kept looking at my toast and curry. So I gave her the inside soft part of the bread and she liked it!

Gimme! gimme!

Oh tastes so goood!

She liked it so much that she banged the table as she always does when she is happy.

Another meal time for Hanae. Papa feeding her favorite fish.


Hanae turned 9 months today. She is exposed well^^.