Chestunt season is here!

10 Oct

In Japan, there is a saying Shokuyoku no Aki –Autumn. A season for good appetites.”

There are many delicious seasonal foods and fruits in autumn such as sanma (pacific saury), kuri (chestnuts), kaki (persimum), apple, pear, grapes and so on. So this is an exciting season for the food and pastry lovers!

The other day I made kuri no shibukawani” (栗の渋皮煮), japanese style chestnuts in syrup. This is rather a difficult thing to make, so not so many people (even the baking lovers) intend to make on their own. I myself just used to buy them, but since I cannot get them in Malaysia^^; I decided to make on my own.

It takes about two days to make and your fingers ache from peeling off the hard chestnuts skin. ouch! The inner skin has to be remained (otherwise the value will drop), so you also have to be careful both in peeling and boiling process. That’s probably why the chestnut pastries like mont blanc are valued in Japan.

With the shibukawa ni I made, I baked Gateau Chocolat et Marron. I also used marron cream inside to make the cake moist and rich in taste.


It tasted so good that it was worth making shibukawa ni on my own!


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