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Shop in progress!

30 Nov

This is a photo of our shop as of last Friday. Now it is half-way done!

But let me tell you something… I have been saying ‘renovation’ but it actually is like building a shop from a scratch. Since we decided to rent a place that was all empty (previously seemed to be some car parts seller), we had to care everything from water supply to electricity to wall to front door, blah blah… as I wrote in the earlier post. And because we are neither a construction specialist nor have any sort of experience in renovating a shop, this is sooo tedious! Now we know why people take over cafes and restaurants!

Especially the day when all the workers somehow rushed to finish up their works (maybe because it was Friday), the place became chaotic and many unexpected issues were raised up at one point. Headache! You see, in this picture, there are our main contractors, window guys, electric guys, partition/painter guys, and air-con suppliers. So when I stepped into the shop, I was like woow!

We also found a signboard guy, which was one of our biggest concerns.

As for ourselves, we are not just sitting down supervising their works. We also rolled up our sleeves and did some paintings and DIYstuffs, as we visit our shop every day. We also cleaned the front window using sponge, corn starch, vinegar and newspaper.

Here are some of the racks we are making. We are using old crates to turn these into a nice decorating shelves!?

Oh, one more thing.

We finally registered our company on Nov.24th (which happened to be our Anniversary^^)! But when we applied the name “Caramel Factory”, they told us that we cannot use “Factory” for our company name because we are not a factory! We were stunned for a while (Whaaat!?), but it was a regulation so we quickly changed it to “Caramel Patisserie”. Then they said that the name was taken so why don’t you put ‘A’ or ‘The’ in front. So now our company name has become Le Caramel Patisserie. haha… Well, we will still call our shop Caramel Factory, but it was a little tricky for us to register our company name.


22 Nov

Hi, there! This is a photo of petit Madeleine I baked.

Madeleine – is one of the most traditional pastries in France. This is a simple butter cake with a hint of lemon flavor.

It is not so common in Malaysia but is well know in Japan, and I personally have a lot of memories to this cake. During my junior and senior high when I was belonging to a cooking club, I used to bake hundreds of Madeleine during the summer school festival! I almost got tired of it ^^; (Not tasting but baking…) This cake tasted so- good that they always sold out quickly. And whenever we bake Madeleine, people passing by the kitchen couldn’t resist but to come inside to have a bite!

Angry Bird Cupcake Class @ Cake Connection!

20 Nov

A few days ago I was invited to an Angry Bird Cupcake Class at Cake Connection @ Jaya One!

It all started from an email from Shyamala and Nancy, the owners of this lovely shop, inviting food bloggers to their class. It was a pleasant surprise for me, since I am not exactly a food blogger, so the first thing that came up in my mind was “how did they find me!?” Then oh, the theme is Angry Bird Cupcakes! I had been seeing Angry Birds everywhere these days, and was especially curious about how people make those colorful figures on cupcakes, so I decided to join their class with excitement!

Cake Connection is a lovely shop with decorating cakes displayed in front. As soon as I entered the shop, I was warmly welcomed by Shyamala and Nancy and soon felt relaxed. The classroom was also in an intimate and cozy setting, which reflect two of their characters.

The sample of Angry Bird Cupcakes were waiting for us nicely in the middle of the classroom. Wow!

Nancy taught us how to make them with fondant using many tools. We learned 6 Angry Bird figures from her step by step, two in 2D and four in 3D.

This chocolate cupcakes smelled so- good.

Nancy made all the Angry Birds and Piggie with a practiced hand.

But when we started to work on fondant… it was not as smooth as we thought. After making the first two figures, we were all kind of tired, since it was very detailed work!  Well that’s probably because we were so focused on making our birds as pretty as possible!

I was quite fascinated by all my fellow bloggers’ work. They were; Ivy of My Story, Chris of Pureglutton, Zurin of Cherry On A Cake, Sonia of Nasi Lemak Lover, Veronica of Quay Po Cooks, and Joslynn of Petit Nonya.

See how much fun we are having^^?

I was impressed by Nancy’s way of teaching us, because not only she continued a friendly chat with us, but she also didn’t forget to pay attention on each of our hands and gave us advice precisely. I was also impressed on how detailed her Angry Birds are! We even had to make feathers and nostrils! And that’s why all our Angry Bird Cupcakes looked so great at the end of the day!


We were so proud and excited to see our cupcakes, and were chatting over snacks at the end of 4 hour course.

Here is me with my Angry Bird Cupcakes!

I couldn’t wait to bring them back home and show them to my husband who plays Angry Birds. As I expected, he gave me wooow compliment! If you have children, this must be even better! It was totally worth it.

My Angry Birds were taken during a photo session at home. Although I only managed to take the pictures after two days and some of the birds got squashed (a bit fattish), they were still in pretty good shapes.

From top

From the side

The birds watching themselves on the Ipad!

Love their cute little butts…

Cake Connection is offering various kinds of decorating classes including Cake Decorating, Fondant Cookies and Cupcakes, Wedding Class, and other exciting classes. You can find the details of class schedule on their website! They also are selling wide range of decorating items at their shop.

Lastly, I would like to thank Nancy and Shyamala for giving me this opportunity to learn the fun of fondant decorating, and to meet up with other wonderful bloggers! I hope to visit their shop again soon.

Cake Connection Sdn Bhd
D-11-1, Block D, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan University. Section 13. 46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor. MALAYSIA
Phone number : + 6 03 : 7956 4450
Fax number : + 6 03 : 7956 4450


Tiramisu and our Shop status*

18 Nov

I have been staying up till very late these days… One of the reasons is that I have to wait until Hanae goes to sleep then only start my baking sessions. My daytime has been rather eventful and I also have to bake many things at night, so sometimes my mind gets cloudy by thinking how much work I need to do; But even so, as soon as I stand in the kitchen I feel energetic and exciting. Then I realize how much I liked to bake!

This is Tiramisu that I made. Using full box of Mascarpone, creamcheese and good quality coffee, it tasted sooo good. Mascarpone is a very expensive cheese (especially in Malaysia because of the conversions of imported goods. sigh…), so you can’t really get this taste in a shop. I kept being disappointed by the taste of Tiramisu here despite of its popularity, but now I understand. If they put so much Mascarpone in, they perhaps have to sell one slice of cake with RM25 or so. haha… It’s just not realistic.

But baking at home by yourself is different! And that’s why I decided to open a baking school instead of a cafe (or a step to open one? hehe). I want to share this delightful experience with you all! Tiramisu will be on my menu early next year so please look forward to it as well.

Speaking of that, I was invited to some fondant decorating class yesterday. It was an exciting experience for me and I would like to write about it soon.

Lastly, just to give you a glance at my shop-.

We finally started renovating the shop last week and some of the cabinets and works are done. Although we are not opening a cafe and we tried to stick to a simple set, there still are so much work to do. Wall, partition, signboard, wiring works, err… many unexpected things and costs. But this is all for ourselves so we are able to take the fun pressure. We are also excited to see many things coming together after months of preparation and thoughts. It’s totally worth it!

Ok, I have to get back to baking again. Talk to you soon~.

Muffins for the kindergarten concert!

16 Nov

Yesterday I baked lots of Caramel Banana Muffins for my mother-in-law’s kindergarten annual concert. Thanks to all the parents and children, they were all sold out before the concert ended! I was glad that I made them for the event^^. I also got to talk to many of the parents that are interested in my baking classes and handed out the course schedule for January and February 2012.

I will put them on my blog shortly so please look forward to it!

Where are we located?

10 Nov

Hi! This is the address and location map of Caramel Factory.


No 62, Jalan Rugbi 13/30, Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor

<Location Map>


Nowadays people have GPS so it shouldn’t be difficult to find our place, but just to give you couple of landmarks;

We are at one of the shop lots right opposite Shah Alam Extreme Park and Shah Alam Stadium. If you are from outside Shah Alam, it’s quite close to all the highways (NKVE / Federal / North&South). And for those of you who are familiar with Shah Alam and who likes to bake, I shall say it’s just two shops away from Bagus, a baking solution center!

Oh by the way, the shop is still under renovation, so you won’t be able to find it yet… You can only see the shutter and concrete wall, or perhaps you can bump into me because I go there often, hehe…!

December Schedule is out!

9 Nov

Caramel Banana Muffin from Parents & Kids Class!

School holiday is coming soon!

This year, why don’t you let your children experience baking at Caramel Factory^^?

Caramel Factory is offering a children baking camp as well as parents & kids baking classes in our brand new shop at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. We are focusing on teaching kids the basic skills of baking through items such as Angry Bird Cupcakes, Decorating Cookies and other delightful sweets! Children get to bring back the items they make too!

Here is the course schedule. For details, please find the below PDF attachment (2 pages). Also, at the end of this post there is a “Registration Form”. Register by December 1st and get 10% OFF!


1) Children Baking Camp (4 days duration)

    Date:          Dec.19th(Mon.) – Dec.22nd(Thur.)

    Time:        10:00am – 12:30pm each day 

    Fee:            RM240.00

    Menu:      Please find the attached PDF files.

2) Parents & Kids Classes (2 days duration)

    Date & Time (choose one session from below):

    Session 1 – Dec.17th (Sat.) & Dec.18th (Sun.), 10:00am – 1:00pm

    Session2 – Dec.17th (Sat.) & Dec.18th (Sun.), 2:00pm – 5:00pm

    Session3 – Dec.24th (Sat.) & Dec.25th (Sun.), 10:00am – 1:00pm

    Fee:             RM180.00 per children *Parents are free of charge

    Menu:       Please find the attached PDF files.

Register by December 1st and get 10% OFF!

Caramel Factory Registration Form

To join our classes, please fill in attached “Registration Form” and send it back to by email. For any queries, please feel free to contact us by email 0r sms 012-352-3106 (Tomoko).

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Caramel Factory is Opening Soon in December!

8 Nov

maccha financier

Caramel Factory is opening in the middle of next month!

The last couple of months I have been busy meeting up with the suppliers and finalizing the details of setting up the shop. The renovation has just started only and we still have long way to go, but I’m happy to announce here that the shop is finally going to get ready in a month time!

We will be located at Shah Alam Seksyen 13, at one of the shop lots near the Stadium.

Caramel Factory will focus on baking classesFrench influenced and Japanese style pastries – and we will also be receiving orders in the near future.

Since school holiday is coming soon, we are going to hold kids class and Parents & kids classes in December, and will start the regular adults course from January 2012. I’ll list up the course schedule as well as the shop status time to time, so please look forward to it! Thanks for supporting Caramel Factory!

Apple Pie*

2 Nov

The other day I made pie (pate feulletee) from the scratch and baked Chausonnes aux pommes (apple pie)!

In Japan we usually make pie during cool autumn to winter season, or in an air-conditioned room; otherwise the butter will melt and you cannot make pie. Just like tarte, pie is also a sensitive and much more difficult pastry to make.

There is another easier and faster way to make pie which is called Feuilletage rapide. Since this method cuts out part of the complicated process, you won’t feel the layers of pie as much as the other one (pate feulletee), but it still tastes good!

I filled them up with baked apples.

Nothing tastes better than the just baked pies!!!