Tiramisu and our Shop status*

18 Nov

I have been staying up till very late these days… One of the reasons is that I have to wait until Hanae goes to sleep then only start my baking sessions. My daytime has been rather eventful and I also have to bake many things at night, so sometimes my mind gets cloudy by thinking how much work I need to do; But even so, as soon as I stand in the kitchen I feel energetic and exciting. Then I realize how much I liked to bake!

This is Tiramisu that I made. Using full box of Mascarpone, creamcheese and good quality coffee, it tasted sooo good. Mascarpone is a very expensive cheese (especially in Malaysia because of the conversions of imported goods. sigh…), so you can’t really get this taste in a shop. I kept being disappointed by the taste of Tiramisu here despite of its popularity, but now I understand. If they put so much Mascarpone in, they perhaps have to sell one slice of cake with RM25 or so. haha… It’s just not realistic.

But baking at home by yourself is different! And that’s why I decided to open a baking school instead of a cafe (or a step to open one? hehe). I want to share this delightful experience with you all! Tiramisu will be on my menu early next year so please look forward to it as well.

Speaking of that, I was invited to some fondant decorating class yesterday. It was an exciting experience for me and I would like to write about it soon.

Lastly, just to give you a glance at my shop-.

We finally started renovating the shop last week and some of the cabinets and works are done. Although we are not opening a cafe and we tried to stick to a simple set, there still are so much work to do. Wall, partition, signboard, wiring works, err… many unexpected things and costs. But this is all for ourselves so we are able to take the fun pressure. We are also excited to see many things coming together after months of preparation and thoughts. It’s totally worth it!

Ok, I have to get back to baking again. Talk to you soon~.


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