Shop in progress!

30 Nov

This is a photo of our shop as of last Friday. Now it is half-way done!

But let me tell you something… I have been saying ‘renovation’ but it actually is like building a shop from a scratch. Since we decided to rent a place that was all empty (previously seemed to be some car parts seller), we had to care everything from water supply to electricity to wall to front door, blah blah… as I wrote in the earlier post. And because we are neither a construction specialist nor have any sort of experience in renovating a shop, this is sooo tedious! Now we know why people take over cafes and restaurants!

Especially the day when all the workers somehow rushed to finish up their works (maybe because it was Friday), the place became chaotic and many unexpected issues were raised up at one point. Headache! You see, in this picture, there are our main contractors, window guys, electric guys, partition/painter guys, and air-con suppliers. So when I stepped into the shop, I was like woow!

We also found a signboard guy, which was one of our biggest concerns.

As for ourselves, we are not just sitting down supervising their works. We also rolled up our sleeves and did some paintings and DIYstuffs, as we visit our shop every day. We also cleaned the front window using sponge, corn starch, vinegar and newspaper.

Here are some of the racks we are making. We are using old crates to turn these into a nice decorating shelves!?

Oh, one more thing.

We finally registered our company on Nov.24th (which happened to be our Anniversary^^)! But when we applied the name “Caramel Factory”, they told us that we cannot use “Factory” for our company name because we are not a factory! We were stunned for a while (Whaaat!?), but it was a regulation so we quickly changed it to “Caramel Patisserie”. Then they said that the name was taken so why don’t you put ‘A’ or ‘The’ in front. So now our company name has become Le Caramel Patisserie. haha… Well, we will still call our shop Caramel Factory, but it was a little tricky for us to register our company name.


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