Children Baking Class Day2 – Disneyland Cookies!

20 Dec

The 2nd day of Children Baking Program was Disneyland Cookies! Look at how excited they are!

Now that they are familiar with my shop, the children rushed into the kitchen as soon as they reached! I told them to stay outside and wait for other friends to arrive while I was preparing, but they didn’t want to leave the classroom^^; They carried their stools and stood right in front of my kitchen table like ducklings, haha. Well, I was happy to know that children enjoy baking with me!

Girls were very good at decorating… trying their best to make them as pretty as possible. I know they are imaging their mommy n daddy’s happy face!

Boys were good at eating… they kept munching on the cookies they made, so that the box became lighter and lighter. But here I still see Mickey. I know they want to keep this for their mommy n daddy.

Oh, you got two Mickeys there.

By the way, making Mickey face was too difficult for the children, so most of them were made by me. (That’s why all the Mickey face looks the same..) After all, the theme is Disneyland Cookies and I wanted them to at least have one Micky to bring back to their home!


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