Day 4 – Gingerbread Man!

24 Dec

Christmas is here, ho ho ho!  On the last day of Children Baking Class we made Gingerbread Man.

By this time, the children already learnt how to 1) wash their hands, 2) use a scale to measure the ingredients, 3) use whisk to mix the batter, 4) use sieve to sift the flour, 5) use rolling pin, 6) use a piping bag, 7) fold a box, and so many other things! These are all important elements in baking (well, not the no.7).

Children helping each other

So on the last day, I let them do on their own as much as they can.

At the end of the class, I gave each of them a Cirtificate of Participation in attending this 4 day baking program! The children liked baking so much that they all wanted to continue in January 2012. So I’m thinking of holding children baking class every other weekend or few times a month. Please look forward to the upcoming classes!

And to all the children and parents who joined this course, thank you once again for attending Caramel Facoty’s 1st Baking Class!


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