Welcome to our shop!

25 Dec

Two days ago the signboard finally came and was hanged up onto the wall! Now people can recognize our shop!

I was so looking forward to this date because for this past few weeks, people were passing by curiously peeking through the window but didn’t really know who & what we are. And those people driving were just passing by indifferently. Now that we have our shop name, logo, description of “patisserie & baking class”, and KEDAI KEK (cake shop), you will have some sort of idea on who & what we are!

The floor came too!

I actually received a delightful customer (mother & a child) asking me for a X’mas cake… only I had to tell them that my shop is not opened yet and will be opening from January 2012. Too bad…

So Caramel Factory is officially opening in January 2012, and the first class for the adults is scheduled on January 5th 15th!

The menu is Japanese Souffle Cheese Cake & Diamant Vanilla for Basic class and Week-end au Citron & Mango Mousse for the Advanced class. I’d like to talk about the course in details in the coming post!


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