Hanae’s 1 year old Birthday @ Caramel Factory!

26 Dec

Merry X’mas!

December 25th is my daughter Hanae’s Birthday! She was born last year on X’mas day, here in Malaysia. I didn’t expect her to be a X’mas baby but she came out at 1:09 AM, right after the clock turned to 25th!

We decided to celebrate her 1 year old birthday at my shop. It was a small get together with my family, friends, and some 5 other babies all around Hanae’s age! We also had some children too. We planned this birthday party & X’mas party at the last minute, but were glad to see so many of our friends squeezing their time to be with us. It was also their first time to visit our shop, so this became like a cerebration for my new shop too! Thank you all, for coming to see us all the way><!!!

Our main dish; Turkey & Smoked Salmon!

I baked small Birthday cupcakes for Hanae. I wanted to bake X’mas cake separately but had no time…

This birthday girl just woke up from her afternoon nap when we sang her a Birthday song. She was too excited with the guests, so was tapped out half way her birthday party (actually she kinda missed her party, haha…) and I had to wake her up to sing the song.

Where am I?

What is this?

Stop kicking your cupcakes, Hana…

So who am I?

Oh, it’s my birthday party?

It was only after all the guests left when she realized it’s her special day.

She was happy with all the gifts she got.


She played around for a while with grandma, grandpa and uncle while I did the cleanings, and it was time for us to wrap up the party…

I was so glad to have this party. As a mother, you can’t miss this right!?

I hope you all had a wonderful X’mas with your family and friends, too. And at last, thanks for visiting and reading my blog!


2 Responses to “Hanae’s 1 year old Birthday @ Caramel Factory!”

  1. Paik Ling December 27, 2011 at 7:13 am #

    Happy 1st birthday to Hanae again!! Wished we could have stayed for the full birthday celebration 😦 I will definitely swing by your shop again to attend your baking classes :):)

    • caramelmoko December 27, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

      Hi Paik Ling, it was so sweet of you & your family to drop by Hanae’s party><! Thanks for the thoughtful gifts too~. I loved your book so I already displayed it in my shop. Hanae played with the book, too!
      New year is coming soon, so we definitely will catch up soon^^. Oh, and check out my classes yah!

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