February Class has just started!

6 Feb

February class has just started! This month, we have rollcake, tarts, macarons, Valentine’s special with lots of chocolate, and many more interesting classes! Please check out our February class schedules here^^!

Last Saturday we had the first Fruits Rollcake class. This cake might look simple to bake, but it’s quite a delicate cake using unique method. The texture of each students’ cake turned out to be slightly different including mine…

The highlight of this lesson is of course the rolling part! All the students ‘held their breath’ before they wrap their cakes. phew.

We will use Korean strawberries and other fruits. It tastes very sweet and delicious!!!

We have Rollcake au Fruits Class (Basic A Class) on;

DATE:  February 10th (Fri.) 2:30pm-6:00pm

               February 19th (Sun.) 10:00am-1:30pm  Full

     FEE:       RM180  RM135/class

Another class we had was Tart au Fruits class.

This cake has so much parts to make! Tart crust, almond creme, castard creme, fresh cream and the decoration. We also made icing cookies to decorate so we couldn’t finish the class on time… apology to my students><!

I wanted to take all the students’ tart photos (I had 5 students), but we were rushing to finish and only managed to take two students’ masterpiece. Here you go.

And one more photo! My student sent me the photo after she shared it with her family^^.

We have Tart au fruits class (Basic B Class) on;

DATE:  February 17th (Fri.) 2:30pm-6:00pm

                 February 18th (Sat.) 10:00am-1:30pm

     FEE:       RM180  RM135/class

If you are interested to join our baking class, please contact us by email/sms. We look forward to hearing from you!!!




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