Happy Valentine’s Day!

15 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Did you spend a special day with your loved ones?

As for me, I spent my weekend and Valentine’s day with my lovely students^^ that joined Valentine’s Special Class and Special Macaron Workshop! They were all ‘girls’ and we made chocolate cakes and cookies for our husbands, boyfriends, sons and fathers. Yes, we japanese give chocolates to men!

This was one of our menu – Galette Chocolat. It’s a dark chocolate cookie with French salt on top. We mold it in a Valentine’s heart shape.

Some of our cookies got a little bit burnt inside the oven. So sorry students><… But they all laughed about it saying our heart were too hot***!

In Valentine’s Special class and macaron class, I used three kinds of chocolate and cocoa powder from Belgium Callebaut brand. Since this chocolate is hard to get here and I buy in a big volume, I packaged them into a small quantity so that students can get to use or eat at home. I will continue to supply some of the products that are hard to get here, so please enquire me if there’s anything^^.

We also made Gateau Chocolat and Chocolat Orange Finacher. The picture is finacher. It’s a petit chocolate cake with a hint of orange. We packaged all our cakes in Valentine’s wrapping like this. I had no time to take photos during our classes, so these are the one I packaged after the class for my husband and my parents-in-law.

This picture is from one of my students who joined macaron class on Sat. Wooh~! Thanks to all the great students, all our macarons turned out beautiful like this! This is a Belgium Chocolat Macaron. We also made Vanilla Rose in pink color^^.

Since macaron class is very popular and it became full and I received a lot of inquires, I am planning to have another class in March. Will post out the schedule within this week. Thank you for visiting my blog!!!


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