Special Cupcake Workshop*

29 Feb

March classes are coming soon~. We have Special Cupcake Workshop this weekend!

I normally don’t teach cupcakes because they are one of my shop items^^ but due to many requests I’ll be specially conducting cupcake class in March!

During 3 and a half hour course, you will learn two kinds of cupcakes; Vanilla Swirl & Red Velvet Cupcakes. And you get to bring back 12 cupcakes (6 each)!

たくさんの方々のご要望にお応えしまして、今月カップケーキの特別レッスンを開催致します。 お学びいただくのは、お店でも販売しているバニラフレーバーとレッド・ベルベッドの2種。 お持ち帰りは各6個ずつ、計12個です!

For Vanilla Swirl, you will be learning the buttercream icing. We bake cupcakes in ‘sugar batter’ method, and both the cupcake base and the icing are rich in vanilla flavor.

バニラフレーバーはバタークリームのアイシング、レッドベルベットはクリームチーズベースのアイシングになります。 レッドベルベッドは、ホールのケーキでもお作りいただけるレシピをお教え致しますので、ご興味おありの方はぜひともお問い合わせ下さい☆

Another recipe is Red Velvet Cupcakes. 

Red Velvet cupcakes or cakes are now so popular that I decided to teach you this recipe.

This rich and moist cupcakes have many tips and secrets… The cream cheese toppings are so yummy too!

This cupcake can also be turned into a Red Velvet Cake, so for those of you who want to learn Red Velvet Cakes, this class is worth checking out^^!

Here are the class schedules;

Date: Mar.4th (Sun.) 1:30pm-5:00pm

             Mar.23rd (Fri.) 10:30am-2:00pm  —> CHANGED TO Mar.25th (Sun.) 3:00pm-7:00pm!

Fee: RM195 (RM162 for members)

If you are interested in joining the class, please contact us by email/sms;

caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko)

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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