Happy Ohinamatsuri Day!

5 Mar

Hanae @ 14 months old

On the day of Hinamatsuri March 3rd, I celebrated the event with my students baking cream puffs and other cakes, and at night I spent some time with my daughter Hanae. I didn’t make chirashi sushi, which is a traditional dish for us on the day (sushi is a celebration dish for us), but it’s ok we had wonderful time together!


Hanae has now turned 14 months and 1 week old. Her walking is becoming stable day by day, and I don’t see her crawling anymore. She will get up to reach for the stuffs even 30cm away from her. It’s amazing to see her growing…! She talks more and can express her feelings and demands through gesture and words. She is getting kind of demanding too…, like she will ask us for the adults food. She knows when we are having different meals and she know when we are having cakes or rubbish foods. Oh no, she found it! It’s quite hard to distract her from whatever stuff she eyed on even if we hide them from her, so we sometimes give up in the end. Well, it’s all good for us parents, right!?

I’d like to wish all the best for all the girls and mommies here. Happy Ohinamatsuri Day! (*Boy’s day is coming soon on May 5th!)


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