Spring is here***

24 Mar

It’s Spring in Japan!

Spring associates us with words such as fresh, new, bright and cheerful because it’s the beginning of the year for our school and working system. We also have one of the biggest seasonal events of the year ‘ohanami’ (cherry blossom) during this period!I changed my flower lease from blue to this pink one, a color theme for Spring season!

It’s great to have four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter… Each season has its own special events and foods… nature and surroundings completely change and people dress differently… Many things are limited to certain period so we look forward for each season to come thinking of our favorite stuffs during that season. I feel that in such way our memory stays more vivid in our minds because we can connect our daily events with stuffs like – what we wore on that day or how cold and warm the day was or what special food we had, 0r how the fragnant of the flowers and trees were, and so forth. In Malaysia where it’s hot all around the year, I realize that I tend to forget what we have done in which month or what year… ^^;

Anyway, I like the season Spring!

I just finished Hinamatsuri Special Class today (Japanese Cream Puff Class). I finally got to take some photos during the class, so would like to talk about it in my next post!

Thank you for visiting my blog^^.


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