March Classes

29 Mar

Hi there! It’s already end of the month! I couldn’t take much photos this month but would like to post some of the photos I took during last weekend classes. Tala~.

March 24th (Sat.): Hinamatsuri Special Class

Japanese Cream Puff

Green Tea Muffins

We used “maccha” green tea powder from Japan!

Sakura Cookies

Using sakura powder from Japan!

Strawberry Milk Tea

March 25th (Sun.): Premier Tiramisu & Swirl Sable Class


A lot of parts to make – genoise sponge, Italian meringue, fresh cream etc…

But after all your hard work, combining parts are fun!?

Swirl Sable Cookies

This cookie is very simple yet delicious with lots of almond!

March 25th (Sun.): Cupcake Special Class

Vanilla Swirl

One of my students showed us how to make rose using star nozzle.

Mmm… Nice!

Thank you all for sharing your precious time with me @ Caramel Factory!

One Response to “March Classes”

  1. Diana April 11, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    y am i so big in this pic?????? OMG..

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