Sevendays Pop-up @ Solaris Dutamas*

2 Apr

Last weekend I joined the official opening event for the boutique Sevendays Pop-up @ Solaris Dutamas!

The sweets I provided was of course these colorful macarons. It was a collaboration with Pearl Cakes Events, thanks to Satira!

These gorgeous girls are the owners of the boutique Sevedays Pop-up (Right: Rozanna & Left: Mem), and the middle is Satira from Pearl. The shop was so lovely and had lots of beautiful clothes and was full of young girls!  I also felt like shopping around…

This was the table of the day! The color theme was: yellow, pink and turqoise. So I also made my macarons with these three colors. The flavors were vanilla and dark chocolate.

The table setting was so nice that at first nobody was touching my macarons, but then I started talking to a few customers and they realized that they can try those ^^…  after that my macarons were quickly sold out! Thank god.


See? This lady and that gentleman are holding my macarons…?

The main cake was this rainbow cake from Pearl. How lovely!

I normally spend my days in my shop/kitchen, so was so happy to have this wonderful opportunity to talk to some people and spend exciting time with them!

For those girls who want to surfff lovely dresses, please check out brand new boutique Sevendays Pop-up @ Solaris Dutamas (it’s at Publica indoor space), for those of you who are planning some cake events please check out Pearl Cake Events, and for those of you who’re looking for delicious macarons and other cakes, please contact us Caramel Factory!

Thank you for always visiting my blog!

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