Japanese Bread Lesson*

19 Apr

Starting from this weekend, I’ll be introducing bread lessons! As I briefly introduced to you in my previous post, you’ll learn how to make various kinds of japanese breads step-by-step over many sessions. We have table roll, sausage roll, bagels, pumpkin bread, snow white bread, and many other breads. It’s good to learn all in progress but if you’d like to try just one session, of course you can do that too!

<Session 1>

This is a picture from Session 1: Table Roll – Sausage Roll & Ham and Cheese Roll.

This is a basic type of bread, yet the dough making part is quite fun and lots of things to learn! During the class we will make two kinds of bread; sausage roll and ham & cheese roll but this bread can be applied to various kinds of breads!

The class dates are;

April 21st (Sat.)   10:30am-1:30pm

May 19th (Sat.)    10:30am-1:30pm

May 25th (Fri.)   10:30am-1:30pm

Fee: RM130 (RM115 for members)

<Session 2>

Session 2 is Bagels!

You will learn two types of bagels: Chocolate Walnuts Bagel & Cranberry Honey Bagel.

I personally like bagels! It’s is harder than the normal bread but chewy and very nice if you know how to appreciate this texture^^. And the good thing is this bread is easier to make than the other breads because the proofing time required is less. You can also change the toppings inside!

The dates for this class are;

April 21st (Sat.) 2:30pm-5:30pm

May 19th (Sat.) 2:30pm-5:30pm

May 25th (Fri.) 2:30pm-5:30pm

Fee: RM130 (RM115 for members)

So do you want to bake breads for your family breakfast^^?

Both classes are still available. To sign up please email or sms: caramelmoko@gmail.com / 012-352-3106(Tomoko).  Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!!


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