First Bread Baking Session! ~Table Rolls~

24 Apr

Last weekend we had the first bread making sessions!

Session 1 in the morning, we made sausage roll and ham & cheese roll with basic table roll! We of course used our ‘hands’ (and not the machine, haha) since I want to teach students how to make a soft bun using hands!

We had to press, smash and throw the dough a few hundred times, and then only get to do this rolling process…^^

At home, of course you can use machine to shorten all this tedious and tiring process! But I think children would love to help you doing all this, and it’s always good to learn both ways!

Tala~! So these are the breads we baked.

Each of you get to bring back this much! 8 rolls + extra. We will also practice this simple roll bread without anything inside.

Hope you had a wonderful breakfast time with your family the next morning^^*!

The next class will be held on May 19th (Sat.) 10:30am-1:30pm and May 25th (Fri.)   10:30am-1:30pm. If you’d like to join, please contact us by email or sms: / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko). Thank you very much for reading my blog, and hope to see you soon!


3 Responses to “First Bread Baking Session! ~Table Rolls~”

  1. marziana zahudi April 24, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Yeappppp tomoko, i wanna join your bread maikng, plzz dont use hand!!!! Hahahhaahha. *wink-wink* . Tq

    • caramelmoko April 24, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

      Hi marziana, haha! I’ll teach you how to use the machines too! Please let me know the date you’d like to join! Thanks!


  1. Bread Baking Session 2 ~Bagel*Bagel~! « caramel factory - April 24, 2012

    […] are actually less work than the table roll, and we don’t have the smashing and throwing process. The proofing time is also less so if […]

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