English Tea!

25 Apr

I have big collection of teas in my shop and at home. Some of them I buy myself, but most of them are gifts from my family and friends. I like to taste the difference of each tea leaves and the brands, and match them together with the sweets of the day^^!

So I was selecting the teas for the Afternoon Tea Lesson and found this perfect one! It’s a Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea by the brand Dilmah. I remember my mother bought me back this tea leaves from Sri Lanka. I introduce many Sri Lanka tea leaves during my classes, but this one is ‘Silver Tips‘ (limited tea leaves that shine like silver color).

Another tea I want to introduce you is Afternoon tea from Fortnum & Mason. Fortnum & Mason is one of the most popular tea brands in the world, so if you like teas you must know their name! There are hundreds of choice, and this one is a lighter tea with blend —.

Usually when you are having afternoon tea, you want to mix up lighter tea and stronger tea together. And for stronger tea you can later pour in milk and enjoy milk tea. That’s why I made this two choice! I haven’t opened neither of them, so I myself am really looking forward to see how the tea leaves are… I will be doing opening ceremony on the 28th April class, haha, so if you’re interested to join that moment, please let me know!


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