I am back!

13 May

I just came back from Japan! Thanks to everyone, I fully enjoyed the trip with my family! We visited so many places and did so many things so don’t know from where to start… I was planning to update them in Japan but was too busy and boom! twelve days were gone ^^.

Unfortunately there were many rainy days during our stay in Tokyo (oh we faced some hail too!), but on a sunny day we got to walk around Tokyo city. It’s spring season now and the weather is perfect to walk around so I could walk for hours and hours in this beautiful weather…

It was also the first time for Hanae to visit Japan, so I was very happy she could meet her grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles, cousins and great grandparents!

This is Hanae feeding fish at my grandfather’s koi pond!

Us in the Aquarium!

Of course we visited many cafes and pastisseries too!!!

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