Last week~***

21 May

I had a busy and interesting last week.

On Friday, I conducted a class at Cake Connection in Jaya One. It was such a pleasure for me to conduct a class in this lovely space, and I enjoyed teaching 6 kinds of Japanese and French pastries there. My seven students were all great and we got to share some experience while working our hands on the cakes.

I am conducting another class at Cake Connection on June 30th (Sat.), so please look forward to it!

On Saturday we had Bread Course Session 1 and Session 2. My bread making classes are all taught by using hands, and especially for Session 1 Sausage and Ham & Cheese Rolls we throw the dough on the kitchen top many times. I always get ‘laughs’ during this process. It’s time for the students to release their daily stresses, too^^!

It’s interesting to see how students shape their doughs – some are perfectionists and some are creative!

We have the same bread sessions this coming Friday and in July.

Session 1 – Sausage Roll & Ham and Cheese Roll

May 25th (Fri.)  10:30am-1:30pm

July 1st (Sun.)    10:30am-1:30pm

Session 2 – Chocolate Walnuts Bagel & Cranberry Honey Bagel

May 25th (Fri.)  2:30pm-5:30pm

July 1st (Sun.)    2:30pm-5:30pm

After rushing back from the kindergarten sports day event on Sunday morning, I conducted Intermediate Children Baking! This month menu was Vanilla & Chocolate Marble Pound Cake. As always children enjoyed baking dirtying their hands and mouths^^.

For children baking class, please check out our June Class Schedules!


After having my student’s home-made ‘nasi lemak’, I had Premier Class in the afternoon!

Mango Rare Cheesecake

Fondant Chocoalt

I only had 3 students for this class, so it was quite relaxing and we were chatting while baking. Yes, all my classes are with small group of people so it’s quite intimate^^. Another premier class to be held next Wednesday – May 30th!

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