Momen ~cupcake shop in Japan~

29 Jul

This cute cupcake shop I visited in Japan is located in a town called Kichijyoji. Kichijyoji is 20 minutes away by train from the city center Shinjuku and has lots of streets with cute shops and trendy cafes. It’s a really nice area to walk around and I like to go there especially during cooling spring and autumn seasons.

As known from its shop name momen  a kind of tofu, this shop is specialized in cupcakes made from momen tofu cream. Their mother shop Hara Doughnuts is a famous doughnuts shop also popular with its doughnuts made from tofu, and they’ve opened up this cupcake branch in 2010.

The lovely shop reminded me of the street corner of Paris!

And inside was a cozy Japanese style cafe.

Four of us ended up ordering seven cupcakes, but this soft cupcakes were just so easy to eat.

Hanae got to try some too!

yum yum…

*Here is their website.


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