Patisserie Cacahouete Paris ~Tokyo~

18 Aug

At one of my favorite patisseries in Tokyo ~Patisserie Cacahouete Paris! 

It’s located in the city center of Tokyo called Nakameguro. I like this shop so much that every time I go back to Japan I visit this place at least a few times. Twice during this Spring trip. The shop is very small space with only four seats and a bench outside. Most people take away their cakes but you can also take a seat on high chairs facing the mirror that reflects the entire French style lovely shop.

Like we did.

We shared two kinds of cakes- a chocolate mousse in a glass and a chocolate tart, as glace dessert and chocolate cakes are this young French patissier’s specialite! He also uses 100% French Valrhona chocolate, the No.1 chocolate in the world.

This tart was called ‘Tonka’ which was named after the coffee bean called TonkaThis bean is getting a lot of attention in the French pastry world in the last few years and it was my first time to try them. The flavor of Tonka bean and chocolate went very well and it was delicious!

We also bought back many cakes (I think about 10 kinds…^^). Since we visited during Spring they had seasonal Sakura Choux Cube, a cherry blossom flavor cream puff in a trendy cubic form. It was delicious too!

I cannot wait to visit them again…

2 Responses to “Patisserie Cacahouete Paris ~Tokyo~”

  1. Eliza August 19, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    When will you teach to make this Tomoko? 🙂

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