Charlotte Poir*

19 Sep

I realized that I haven’t made a post on the Charlotte Poir class! This is a mousse cake with “comported” pair inside. It’s a cold dessert and is easy to eat^^. Charlotte poir is usually served with plain pair mousse but it also goes well with some mixture of caramel.

Last week I had this class and one of my students told me that she normally doesn’t take caramel, but the cake was very nice and it actually changed her image of caramel! Yes, I have a lot of recipes using caramel but caramel is not just sweet, it’s also bittersweet, so it actually adds on a very nice flavor to the cakes!



We will also bake biscuit a la cuillere, which is a meringue base cake (sometimes known as finger biscuit), and make our own cake base and crusts. It’s a fun part to combine all this cake and mousse together. Each of you bring back 7″ whole cake.



Another recipe is Madeleine au Citron, a traditional French butter cake. We will coat this with glacage au citron. Bon appetit!

One of the class is already finished but we have another class next week.

DATE: September 27th (Thu.) 10:30am-2:00pm

FEE: RM180 (RM135 for members)

If you are interested in our classes, please contact us by email/sms: / 012-352-3106 (Tomoko). Thank you for visiting my blog and hope to see you soon!


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