I love coffee!

27 Sep

My day in Caramel Factory starts with a cup of coffee and a slice of cheese toast. Every day I make hand-dripped coffee with beans from all over the world. I have a wide selection of beans that I bought back from Japan (I also like to buy from Bangsar Shopping Complex), and I like to select which beans to have on the day. My favorite coffee beans are mostly from Caribbean countries such as Guatemala and Costa Rica but today I’d like to show you some of the rare coffee I had recently.

This is a Luwak Coffee. It is getting more popular and you might have seen this coffee beans somewhere. As in my earlier post, this coffee beans are roasted from the beans once eaten and digested by the Indonesian cat Asian Palm Civet, which makes the coffee beans rare and valuable. I had tried Luwak coffee a few times before. The taste is like a regular coffee with some sour aroma but this coffee beans were precious so it was packed nicely in a box with a golden cloth^^. 

This is a coffee grown and roasted in Nagasaki, Japan! Coffee trees are grown in certain weather/region  (35 degree C within “equator”) and it hasn’t been successfully cultivated in Japan. But this coffee farm in the southern part of Japan, in Nagasaki, has started brewing some coffee beans imported from Brazil. I was so surprised to see this bean. It was lightly roasted and the aroma was very nice, just like the Brazil beans!

If you’re a coffee fan like me, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy drinking a cup of coffee every morning to start the day. Many people I speak to in Malaysia are used to either espresso based drinks (the drinks you mostly get in Starbucks) or the traditional ‘kopi’ you get in a local coffee shop. I like those as well, but sometimes they are too sweet! I drink my coffee black or with milk, no sugar! I think that’s they best way to fully appreciate a coffee’s true delectable aroma!

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