Patisserie Cacahouete Paris*

12 Nov

This is me about 3 years ago at my favorite patisserie – Patisserie Cacahouete Paris!

Next to me is chef Jerome Quesnel, an owner of this patisserie, and I’m holding his newly published book! I love his cakes so00 much that every time I go back to Japan I visit his shop in Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan. (It’s just 2 stops away from Shibuya station by train.)

This is when I visited his shop during my stay in May this year.

I got so excited that I was staring at the showcase for more than 10 minutes and chose 10 over cakes. One thing interesting about chef Jerome is that he keeps adding new items every season and those are not only the traditional cakes from France but more like his original cakes that combines the ‘elements’ of both Japanese and French cultures… like this strawberry choux cube.

His specialite is chocolate cakes and those glace deserts.

Look at this beautiful form! There is chocolate macaron at the bottom of the glass. The size is big enough for two people to share. Hmm… it was sooo sumptuous!

I cannot wait to visit his shop again!

Thank you for visiting my blog^^.


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