A Happy New Year 2013!

1 Jan


Today January 1st was a Japanese New Year!

Traditionally we eat our New Year food “Osechi Ryouri” on the first three days of the year, so I made a simple version of Osechi Ryouri and celebrated with my family! Well, the salmon is not one of those, but you can see our traditional dish such as; chikuzenni (broiled chicken and vegetables), inari sushi, ebi (shrimp), kuri kinton (sweetened chestnut), namasu (radish and carrot in vinegar), kuromame (sweetened black bean), kamaboko (fish cake), and others in this photo.


By the way, I celebrated my daughter Hanae’s 2 years old birthday on 30th of December (She is a Christmas baby). I specially made her a 4-tiers strawberry short cake and put lots and lots of strawberries!

The kids gathered around and wanted to blow off the candle together.


Especially the kids around her age, hehe…


Last year I celebrated her 1 year old birthday at Caramel Factory which was about to be opened. And this is the photo. She was barely walking at that time, but now she can walk and talk well and do so many more things.


This little girl has amazingly grown in the last one year, and her presence has always cheered my family up. I am very happy and proud to be her mother, and will continuously give her my love!


She seemed to have enjoyed her party very much, and was very happy with all the gifts she got!


Playing with donuts maker. Is she going to be a future baker?

I hope you and your family will have a wonderful 2013, too!


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