2013 membership system!

23 Jan


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Hi! I would like to give an update on Caramel Factory’s  membership card for 2013.


First of all,

1) How to become a member? *Validity: 2 years

    Fee: RM50.00.-

    Or Sign up for 2 classes and get FREE membership! 


2) Member Privilege

a. Member gets up to 25% off discount for all the classes.

  Basic Class:             RM180 —>  RM139 (save RM41.-)

  Premier Class:      RM195 —>  RM149 (save RM46.-)

  Season Special:    RM220 —> RM169 (Save RM51.-)

b. After every 6 classes, member gets 50% OFF for the next class from the original price. (ex: Basic class becomes RM90.00.-)

c. After finishing 1 card, member gets 50% OFF for the next class from the original price. (ex: Season special becomes RM110.00.-)


3) Package Promotion

We also have Package Promotion, which you can enjoy further discount from the member price by paying by cash upfront! This is valid for 1 year and it comes with FREE GIFT 8 macarons! From 2013 we added 3 class package.

Package 1) RM369.00.-  Basic Class x 3 classes (RM123.00/class, save RM57.00/class)

Package 2) RM714.00.-  Basic Class x 6 classes (RM119.00/class, save RM61.00/class)

Package 3) RM744.00.- Basic Class x 3 & Premier Class x 3 classes

(RM119.00/class for Basic, save RM61.00 & RM129.00/class for Premier, save RM66.00-)


We are looking forward to see you @ Caramel Factory!




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