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30° Boume Syrup

29 Mar


I often use sugar syrup (it is called 30° Boume syrup in professional term) in the cakes. It’s just a sugar water but is essential in various cakes to make the cake moist and add some taste to it. The syrup is mostly applied to sponge cakes and various biscuits (thin layer cake).

How to make sugar syrup is quite easy. It’s sugar : water = 1 : 1 (This ratio sometimes depends on the recipe but is mostly this.)

Just combine sugar and water and put onto boil until the sugar melts.


Once the sugar melts, you off the fire. If you want to add alcohol in your cake such as rum, brandy, and kirsch, you can add some into this 30° boume syrup once the syrup has cooled down. (*I don’t use alcohol in my class because my class is all conducted with halal ingredients.)

Here are some of the cakes I used the sugar syrup!


Strawberry Short Cake





One more tip. Sugar syrup will last long in the fridge, so you can make bigger volume and keep them in a bottle inside the fridge. The balance you can also use to add into your coffee or tea!

Apricot Jam for coating*

28 Mar

Another common way for the cake finishing is to use Apricot jam! I normally make jam by myself, but you can also buy the apricot jam and dilute it with some water (boil and melt together). Apricot taste is very mild and do not disturb the taste of the cake itself, so is often used for the finishing of fruits tart and pound cakes.

These are some of the cakes I used apricot jam for the finishing!


Summer Orange Pound Cake


Banana Coco Pie


Apricot Tart

It’s very convenient if you have one small jar of apricot jam in the fridge^^.

Make your own “Nappage”

27 Mar


Some of you have seen me using this nappage mix in the class. Nappage is very useful to make the cake or fruits look shiny and fresh, especially for the fruits tart. In Japan, you can easily get this nappage mix and all you need to do is to boil them with water. But I haven’t found one in Malaysia. So here I’d like to introduce you a simple way to make your own nappage!


Water: 50ml

Gelatine: 3~5 gram (water 10~15 ml)

Granulated sugar: 10 gram

Soak gelatine into 10~15 ml of water. In a pot combine water (50 ml) and sugar and put onto boil. Once it’s boiled, off the fire and melt in gelatine which is well soaked into water. Apply to tart or other cakes.

Once nappage cools down, it will become hard because of the gelatine. In that case, lightly warm them in a pot (80 degree C). Do not boil them because gelatine will lose its effect once it’s over 80 degree C.

You can also replace some of the water with fruits puree or jam if you want to get some color. Like I did for this strawberry tart. I used raspberry puree to get some red color!

Please try~ ^^.

Schedule revise ~ Japanese Souffle Cheesecake ~

27 Mar

Japanese souffle cheese


There was a mistake in my schedule earlier on. For this Japanese Souffle Cheesecake & Diamant Vanille, the correct date will be below. Please confirm! Thank you.


DATE:          April 12th (Fri.) 11:00am-2:30pm

FEE:              RM180 (RM139 for members)


For all the April Schedules, please refer to my previous post, April 2013 Class Schedule.



April 2013 Class Schedule*

24 Mar


Thank you for waiting for the April Class Schedule!

This month we have couple of new classes including Afternoon tea special class, and some requested classes. We also have bread classes (I combined 2 popular items in one class), so for those of you who missed them last year please join us!

<April 2013 Schedule>

1. Earl Grey Tea Cheesecake (7″ whole) & Egg Tart (Flan Nature) mini size 5pcs

tea cheese cake

Earl grey tea cheesecake with oreo crust


DATE:        April 6th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> Finished.

                        April 21st (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> FULL

                       May 11th (Sat.) 2:00pm-5:30pm —> FULL

FEE:            RM180 (RM139 for members)

2. Afternoon Tea Special

We will bake 4~5 items with classmates and have them in afternoon tea party style with 2 types of tea selection!

All the items below are *NEW* recipes in Caramel Factory class.



*Scone raisin ~ Mariage Freres style~

*N.Y. style cheesecake ~ with blueberry sauce ~

*Japanese Rollcake ~ non souffle type ~

*Whole wheat cookie ~ make your own DIGESTIVE cookie ~

*Nutty Brownie <— Added!

*Tuna sandwich

DATE:        April 20th (Sat.) 11:00am-3:30pm —> FULL

                        May 12th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:30pm —> FULL

                        May 23rd (Thurs.) 11:00am-3:30pm

FEE:            RM220 (RM169 for members)

3. Pistachio Pound (7″ pound) & Chilled yogurt cake (6 cups)

DSC_0788Pistachio marble pound with dark cherry in the middle

yogurt cakeChilled yogurt cake with homemade blueberry sauce on top

DATE:       April 27th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm

    FEE:       RM180 (RM139  for members)


4. Paris Brest (7″ round) & Eclair au Cafe (4pcs)

Paris brest

Round ring choux named after “tour de France” (shape represents bicycle wheel), with delicious praline cream inside 


Eclair filled with coffee cream and coated with chocolate

DATE:        April 7th (Sun.) 11:00am-3:00pm —> Finished.

    FEE:       RM195 (RM149  for members)

6. Japanese cream puff (mini 18pcs) & Vanilla viennois cookie (10pcs)



DATE:       April 17th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> 1 more seat left!

    FEE:       RM180 (RM139  for members)



7. Caramel Factory Hokkaido Chiffon Cake (7″ whole) & Miroir cookie (almond cookie sandwiched with hazelnut praline)



DATE:      April 18th (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:30pm –> FULL

    FEE:       RM180 (RM139  for members)



 8. Japanese souffle cheesecake (7″ whole) & Diamant vanille (10pcs)

Japanese souffle cheese

DATE:      April 12th (Fri.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> Finished.

    FEE:       RM180 (RM139  for members)


9. Bread class 1 ~ Japanese snow white bread & Ham and cheese roll (6pcs each) ~

Japanese snow white bread


DATE:      April 13th (Sat.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> Finished

                      April 24th (Wed.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> FULL

                      May 18th (Sat.) 10:30am-2:00pm —> FULL

    FEE:       RM180 (RM139  for members)

*Bread class will be conducted with smaller group 6 person maximum.


 10. Bread class 2 ~ Japanese donuts (kinako & chocolate) & Chocolate bagels (6pcs each) ~



DATE:      April 14th (Sun.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> Finished

                      April 25th (Thurs.) 11:00am-2:30pm —> FULL

                      May 18th (Sat.) 3:00pm-6:30pm —> 1 more seat left!

    FEE:       RM180 (RM139  for members)

*Bread class will be conducted with smaller group 6 person maximum. 


To register for classes, please email me at (Tomoko). Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

Hinamatsuri Day!

12 Mar


March 3rd was Ohinamatsuri, a Children Day for Girls in Japan! I put out the traditional Japanese Ohinasama dolls and celebrated for my daughter Hanae.


I made her a small celebration lunch. Menu was; Chirashizushi, Karaage (fried chicken) and a pumpkin soup using the whole pumpkin. Chirashizushi is a celebration dish for Hinamatsuri Day^^.


Hanae also helped me cut the carrot with her favorite Mickey Mouse mold!



It’s sooo fun!





She seemed to have enjoyed the lunch. I was so glad I managed to make her some traditional Japanese dish, even though it’s a simple one. Mama loves you Hanae!!!




Strawberry Tart*

11 Mar


This is the mini size Strawberry tart! 

It’s 9cm size and we will use Korean strawberry for decoration^^.

Inside looks like this…


The green color is the pistachio paste mixed inside the creme d’amande. It matches very well with the strawberry! Yum yum…