30° Boume Syrup

29 Mar


I often use sugar syrup (it is called 30° Boume syrup in professional term) in the cakes. It’s just a sugar water but is essential in various cakes to make the cake moist and add some taste to it. The syrup is mostly applied to sponge cakes and various biscuits (thin layer cake).

How to make sugar syrup is quite easy. It’s sugar : water = 1 : 1 (This ratio sometimes depends on the recipe but is mostly this.)

Just combine sugar and water and put onto boil until the sugar melts.


Once the sugar melts, you off the fire. If you want to add alcohol in your cake such as rum, brandy, and kirsch, you can add some into this 30° boume syrup once the syrup has cooled down. (*I don’t use alcohol in my class because my class is all conducted with halal ingredients.)

Here are some of the cakes I used the sugar syrup!


Strawberry Short Cake





One more tip. Sugar syrup will last long in the fridge, so you can make bigger volume and keep them in a bottle inside the fridge. The balance you can also use to add into your coffee or tea!


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