Mariage Freres @ GINZA

15 Apr

Mariage freres

I found these pictures I took in Mariage Freres @ Ginza back in 2009. I went there with my mother to have lunch and tea^^.

Mariage freres2

They have 500 over kinds of tea selection (!) from all over the world, and after checking their thick tea menu book we ordered Darjeeling tea (second flush) and Sri Lankan tea Uva. The photo is Uva tea which had very vivid beautiful orange color.

And these were the lunch menu we ordered:

mariage freres7

Appetizer: Duck terrine

mariage freres4

Main dish 1 : Guinea fowl stuffed with vegetables

mariage freres5

Main dish 2: Prawn mille feuille

You can see that they use tea leaves in the sauce.

mariage freres6

 Desserts in a showcase.

Here is the photo of the cake we took in our next visit during X’mas season. They had a lot of modern type of Buche de Noel and we ordered Marron buche and Pistachio buche mousse cake.

mariage freres8

It was delicious!

Since my daughter Hanae was born, I am not able to go to these tea houses… but hope to visit there someday again. My dream is to have tea with Hanae in the far future^^!


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